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Ensure Oracle Solaris 11 Support is selected, and then click the Submit to go to a screen that allows you to add additional certificate data to distinguish this key and certificate pair, as shown in Figure 3.

This is an optional step that allows you to identify the key and certificate further.

Some of these packages don't contain any content; they just list dependency information necessary to keep a consistent software version state on the installed system. With IPS, updating Oracle Solaris Zones is a trivial operation, and in most cases, it happens automatically during a package update of the global zone.

The package versions listed in the output just show us the currently installed version; we have to do a little more work to see what new package versions are available. As in the case with the global zone, a new zone BE is created for each non-global zone during the update for updates that require a system reboot.

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This can be done by clicking the Request Certificates link.

Before we begin the process of updating a system, let's go through a quick overview of IPS.

In previous releases of the Oracle Solaris platform, administrators used SVR4 packaging to install software onto a system, and then they used a different set of commands to install patches to update the system.

If you experience any problems with the new environment, you can simply bring the system down and boot back into the older environment.

IPS improves integration with Oracle Solaris Zones, allowing you to automatically update any non-global zones to ensure consistency across the system.

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